Elektro-Fahrrad Bafang Electric Bike review kit conversion

Electric Bike Review is best if you see this. You are a fool if you think you can ride fast all the time. Once you have to go slow because of the terrain, your hub is not efficient at all. Might as well let it cool down and get ready for the next straights where you can let it hum. About 1000 watts was used climbing this relatively steep but very rocky terrain. It is equal to what you can do with a few to several kw in a hub motor.

Ich liebe meine Elektro-Fahrrad

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  1. I love your conversion kit!
    Thanks for your video! I have subscribed to your channel.

    I bought a 36v controller with 36v hub motor.
    I powered it with 36v lithium pack.

    But the motor does not run.
    When i did the same using a 48v controller, the motor runs.
    I am puzzled. The motor rims is etched with 36v rating. I can understand that a hub motor can be over-volted but not sure why the 36v controller does not work.

    I suspect either the controller is faulty or the hub motor is actually rated for 48V .
    How to test what voltage the motor is rated for despite the rating specified on the hub motor rims?

    Thank you.

    1. +Johnny Benson the hub motor voltage would be just a recommended voltage, usually they say how many watts it’s rated for. like a 1000w for example. but I guess the wiring of the hub might suit a particular voltage too…. but as u mentioned you can run almost all hubs at whatever power level you want, you just have to monitor the heat. Your controller is most probably faulty. Surprised however that you can run your 36v pack through the 48v controller. well i know you could for some of the charge but highly doubt you could for the whole charge. I recommend you join the best forum in the world: http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=2 start your own topic and lots of people will help you more than my knowledge can.

    2. Thanks so much John , for your advice.
      Allow me to apologise. Yes, you are right. A 36V pack should not have powered the 48v controller and motor. I forgot to mention i used a 48v lead acid battery for that test.

      Sure, will start a thread in the forum.
      Looking forward to seeing more of your videos!

    1. u don’t get whole idea of wheel size dependency on power transfered to road therefore you comment is lame

  2. hey there bloke, can I ask just where you are exactly?..  heard you say in another vid it was muggy, I’m thinking your in QLD..  I’ve just bought myself a bbs02 and in Darwin, I’m just curious and a lil concerned about heat.

    1. +Monstaah Hey mate, I’m in Brisbane. If you use the bbs02 at half power the heat will be fine if you stay in right gear. If you here it bogging down it could fail in a minute of a steep hill. Mine ran cool because I used it more geared down than any one I have ever heard of. good luck and enjoy

    2. exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks bloke..  that’s completely how I’m using mine, it’s come to me set up with 3 levels of assist and I don’t go past 2, I’ve invested in the Nuvinci n360 and don’t want to blow that up so take offs are always at the top of the hill climbing gear..  I’ve found that it just barely gets warm and I’m only motoring around on flat road surfaces, so should be all good.. 

    3. dam sounds awesome with internally geared hub.  I will be interested in how your chain line is with this hub and motor.  With gears it was pretty bad with power out of line.

    4. yeah, I’ve a preference for internals myself and had to get myself one of these Nuvinci’s.. it’s really not like anything else you’ve ever ridden..  I honestly haven’t even tried to ride it as it’s intended, lol I still stop pedalling and give the grip a twist even when the motor is off, just can’t break the habit and don’t want to start now with the motor in there..  as far as the chain line goes it’s perfect and not a problem, I don’t even run the guard on it..  I will say that mine’s mounted into a 68mm 1 piece crank bmx bottom bracket with a Truvativ 3 piece adapter, that brings it out to the 73mm.. ends up I only get the one lock nut on there but it’s not really a problem and should encourage me to pay attention to it a bit more frequently I guess..

  3. Is what i am seeing right you have the mid drive motor and also a hub motor at the rear?? shame you never put more spec info in your description under the video.

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