DIY VW love bus interior. Giving the Hippie Van some feng shui

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I decided to make a video explaining some of the modifications I recently did to my 1979 VW T2 Baywindow. Not really exciting, but for those that are interested in seeing how I did the project, I think the video provides some decent info. I will post a second video showing how everything looks once it is complete.

I replaced my old headliner (which was stained and sagging) with particle board sections that I purchased at home depot and cut to size. I then created some mood lighting using RGB LED strips glued to 2×2 wood strips that are drilled into the car with self tapping metal screws.

I used Gorilla Glue two part epoxy to glue down the led strips and faux-fur.

I added some faux-fur to the front and back (because ladies love soft cuddly fur) to transition between the particle board and the car. I then took molding/floor-boards and cut them to size and painted them white. In the video they are not yet installed but they will be placed on the left and right sides to cover the 2×2's and LED's so they are hidden.

I also made my own curtain system with eye-hooks, air craft cable, and home made curtains.

I mentioned that I wrote a blog on how to DIY re-upolster your sunvisors. Here is a link to that blog.

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